2006 – Simple Object Query Language in PersiJ [ get paper ]

Short synopsis: The impedance mismatch problem of using Relational Database Management Systems in statically typed object-oriented programming languages has been subject to many partial solutions, and has many facets. This project concerns the querying part of such a solution, and tries to explain deficiencies found in existing querying methods through analysis and a literature study.


2005 – Persistent language extensions and constructs for Java 1.5 [ get paper ]

Short synopsis: The purpose of this report is to shed some light on the impedance mismatch through an analysis of existing solutions. This analysis will then be basis for a prototype that implements a part of a new language construct for the Java programming language (PersiJ).


2005 – Architecture and Design in eXtreme Programming: The Architectural Game, introducing a new practice [ get paper ]

Short synopsis: This article presents a new practice to the agile method eXtreme Programming (XP): The Architectural Game. The goal of this new practice is to incorporate architectural planning to XP thus ensuring an adequate sustainable architecture.


2004 – SVG Beautifier [ get paper ]

Short synopsis: The idea behind this project is to use a mobile device as the display devise for an interactive vector graphics map with roads and buildings etc. The fact that mobile devises have limited resources combined with the high price for transmitting data, makes it desirable to minimize the usage of bandwidth.


2003 – GeneAnt 2003 [ get paper ]

Short synopsis: This report deals with the development of an ant for the game MyreKrig and a system that employes the use of a genetic algorithm to evolve the ant through ant generations.

2003 – Traveling Salesman Problem [ get paper ]

Short synopsis: (In Danish) Problemstillingen i dette projekt bygger på Traveling Salesman Problemet. Rapporten starter med kort at beskrive, hvad dette problem omhandler. Efterfølgende gennemgåes den teori, som skal munde ud i de algoritmer, der kan give et fornuftig estimat for en løsning af problemet.