25+ examples of Linux find command – search files from command line. Very handy, a must-read for all *NIX users :)

New UI, new widget, new... Everything!

Enjoy the app!

I just came across this great article by Jan Odvarko on How to Start with Firebug Lite. This is a must-read for all web developers who use less superior browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Dell Latitude E6430 ships with Alps touchpad. For some reason this touchpad uses an obscure OSX inverted two-finger scrolling, which is counter-intuitive - at least for me anyway.

The fix is, on the other hand, easy. Simply change InvertScrollFlag value from "3" to "0" in the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Alps\Apoint

The bad news is that you need to apply this fix for all users, as this cannot be changed across all users... Only "current user".

Version 1.0 is out, contains a brand new layout and UI updates to the widget.


UI enhancements on the home screen widget and minor tweaks such as larger scrollbar.



Version 0.5 is out and contains various bug fixes. E.g. fixing names containing the ' char.

Also included in this release is a new widget for usage on the home screen.



Added multiple event types, e.g. wedding day. It is also possible to have multiple events on a single person (/name).

Support for Android 4.2 added.

Finally it contains additional bug fixes and performance improvements.


New design and icons, v0.3 contained a bug which made the app crash on Android 2.3.x, v0.3.1 was a quickfix and v0.3.2 contains the new layout and icons. 

Nobody got to run v0.3 nor v0.3.1 :)

Sorry for all the mess...

Layout bugfix for both apps, same bug - don't use cut'n'paste ;)

Initial release of Reminder, contains only birthdays on persons. Future releases will contain anniversary etc., so keep in touch :)